Johnson Cemetery



The cemetery encompasses just under 5.7 acres and there are currently between 720 and 770 burials.


To those who have served, to those who now serve, and to those who will serve in the future on the Official Board of Directors of the Johnson Cemetery Association, this book number three of the official records of Lots and Burials is respectfully dedicated.

Those who have served: T.J. Alexander, L.D. Fletcher, T.E. Snodgrass, Daniel Casey, Benton Aldrich, Fred Kiechel, Henry J. Snyder, Julius A. Johnson, Hattie Miller, Madison L. Casey, Alfred Aldrich, Elsie Wallar and Robert H. Nichols, most of whom now sleep in this Beautiful City of the Dead.

Those who now serve as of the date of June 1, 1968: Elizabeth Holtgrewe, D. Clarke Casey, Hanson Aldrich, Lloyd Nichols, and Raymond Kiechel, all of whom true to the immutable laws of nature, before many more years roll bye, will have taken their silent abode among their loved ones here.

And finally YOU will take up the Torch when we must pass it on, it is our prayer that you will carry it high the unselfish efforts of those early Pioneers, that stalwart band of determined men and brave women, who worked hard, planned well and sacrificed much to make this a better land not only for themselves and their children, but for countless generations to come, will not have been in vain.

Raymond Kiechel

Purpose and Goal

The object of this association shall be to purchase, layout, protect, preserve and embellish a suitable amount of land for a cemetery, to do now and at any time hereafter, such acts as may seem to make the resting place of our dead in accordance with the best ideas of civilized men.

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
Johnson Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 215
Johnson, NE  68378.

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